ICYMI: Susana Mendoza,"It's Put Up or Shut Up Time; Do the Job"

From Rich Miller at Capitol Fax:

* Back on December 8th, Comptroller Susana Mendoza told WMAQ’s Mary Ann Ahern that lots of stuff was missing from her various state offices. “Even the TV’s and most of the computers can’t be found,” she said, claiming they were having trouble finding car keys for state vehicles as well.

I checked in with her spokesman who walked back what his boss said. The car keys were located and other stuff seemed to be accounted for. “Most” of the state computers were definitely not gone.


But, since Mendoza’s spokesman walked back what his boss said, I decided not to make a big deal out of it, figuring it was just a rookie mistake.

First she says it feels like the place was “looted,” then she says she can’t say anything definitively.

That’s essentially the definition of an unfounded, emotional accusation.

And as far as the transition confusion goes, maybe if Mendoza hadn’t announced that she was not taking office until January before checking in with the attorney general, and then headed to Rome for an event/vacation, and then changed her mind and decided almost at the last minute to be sworn in on December 5th after she finally reached out to the AG, some of this mess could’ve been avoided.


From all I can gather, a property inventory was taken before Munger left office. CMS was even asked to do an independent inventory. Everything was tagged.

So, bring out the list and highlight whatever’s missing and then she has a real story. If Mendoza can’t do that, she should stop calling former staff members crooks. Enough with the wild accusations.

I mean, she is already starting to remind me of Rod Blagojevich. And not in a good way, either. Rod loved to “punch down,” which is exactly what Mendoza is doing here.

From the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board:

Newly elected Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza complained this week that her predecessor left the office in a shambles.

Oh, please. Just do the job.

Mendoza beat former Comptroller Leslie Munger in the Nov. 8 election and moved her staff into the comptroller office two weeks ago. In a WLS-AM interview to be aired on Christmas Day, Mendoza then complained, “It did kind of feel the place was looted.” But, she added, she could not make a “definitive statement” that there had been “pilfering.”

That is to say, she had proof of nothing. And while we could be wrong here, abruptly vacated offices often do look like a mess.


On Tuesday, a spokesman for Mendoza said she is not seeking to “make an issue of this.”

Terrific. So just do the job.