Democrat Defends Madigan Support Because of the “Values” They Share

In an interview yesterday with WQAD, incoming Democrat Rep. Mike Halpin doubled down on Boss Madigan.

It’s no surprise that Halpin would back his political patron – Madigan funneled $345,000 to help get Halpin elected this cycle.

Asked whether he will support Madigan for Speaker, Halpin replied:

“Again, I’m gonna vote for, I’m gonna vote for the Speaker who I believe as a Democrat, represents the values that I as a Democrat represent, and what I ran on when I talked to people.”

Boss Madigan only values protecting the broken status quo.

“Mike Halpin is a bought-and-paid for hypocrite. He claims on his campaign website to reject ‘politics as usual’ and ‘insider politics’, but by doubling down on his support of Boss Madigan, the literal definition of politics as usual, Halpin betrays his own words.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Steven Yaffe

Watch Halpin’s comments here.