Boss Madigan

Fellow Illinois Republicans,

The Illinois Republican Party is counting down the days until the election for House Speaker with daily reminders of Mike Madigan’s ruinous reign. On January 11th, House Democrats will either double down on the status quo and pledge their loyalty to Madigan once again, or respect the people of Illinois who are demanding change.
Yesterday, the Illinois Republican Party kicked off the new year with a list of Boss Madigan’s New Year’s Resolutions:

Today, the Illinois Republican Party launched the Boss Madigan Quiz to test just how much Illinoisans really know about Mike Madigan’s decades of damage. Boss Madigan has presided over so much of Illinois’ downfall that some of these answers are downright shocking, but absolutely true.

Take the quiz at

Additional Boss Madigan reminders, announcements, surprises and more will be unveiled until Decision Day.

We encourage all Illinois Republicans to participate in the countdown by sharing content on social media and with your local Republican organizations.

Nick Klitzing
Executive Director
Illinois Republican Party