J.B. Pritzker Added to BossMadigan.com

Pritzker and Madigan Sit at the Top of the Chicago Political Machine 

Today, the Illinois Republican Party added J.B. Pritzker to BossMadigan.com as part of the party’s ongoing effort to shed light on the people that empower Mike Madigan.
“J.B. Pritzker’s inherited fortune is the financial muscle behind Mike Madigan’s Chicago political machine. Just this year, Pritzker gave Madigan’s political front group almost one million dollars in an attempt to force a tax hike with no reforms and stop Gov. Rauner’s plans to improve Illinois through term limits, a property tax freeze and economic growth. J.B. Pritzker’s financial disclosures show his true loyalties lie with Mike Madigan.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Steven Yaffe
J.B. Pritzker and Madigan sit at the top of the Chicago political machine that has nearly bankrupted Illinois. Madigan runs it while Pritzker feeds Madigan his inherited fortune.
Just this year, Pritzker gave Mike Madigan’s political front group, Leading Illinois for Tomorrow, nearly one million dollars in an attempt to force a tax hike with no reforms and stop Gov. Rauner’s plans to improve Illinois through term limits, a property tax freeze and economic growth.
But Pritzker’s record of backing the political machine doesn’t stop with Madigan. Pritzker was a key ally and fundraiser of disgraced and imprisoned Gov. Rod Blagojevich.
J.B. Pritzker cut his political teeth as a fundraiser for Rod Blagojevich. Over the years, Blagojevich supported Pritzker’s political endeavors, and Blagojevich relied on J.B. for campaign cash.
In fact, Pritzker was one of Rod Blagojevich’s largest individual donors, contributing over $120,000 to help elect the most corrupt politician in Illinois history.
J.B. Pritzker was also at the center of Rod Blagojevich’s criminal scheme to sell Illinois’ U.S. Senate seat. Pritzker told Blagojevich he wanted to be appointed to the U.S. Senate, and in exchange Blagojevich wanted Pritzker to personally raise tens of millions of dollars for him.
The Pritzker tape was used to help send Rod Blagojevich to jail.
Listen here.


Daily Herald: Time for a Democrat “Rebellion” Against Mike Madigan

Madigan’s intransigence to negotiate is part of his “sinister strategy of gridlock” 

From the Daily Herald Editorial Board:
Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan seems happy enough to let universities and social services twist in the wind if a budget can't be reached by Dec. 31. Imagine that.
Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic Senate President John Cullerton have both been more open to discussion, but Madigan's intransigence is beginning to suggest a sinister strategy of gridlock that could continue until an election showdown with the governor in 2018.
Which brings those of us living in the present, we who worry about what will happen to the state in the next two years and beyond, back to that vacuum. We'd like to fill it now with a union-style protest of 177 rank-and-file lawmakers from both parties marching on Springfield with signs and pitchforks and no per diems, demanding something supportable to vote on. We'd like to see a rebellion by resolute suburban Democrats refusing, however quixotically, to support Madigan's re-election as speaker.
Sound like the impossible dream? Maybe. But, if the leaders don't fill the void soon, they'd better brace for an onslaught of even crazier ideas than these.


ILGOP Launches Robocall Highlighting Pritzker-Blagojevich Ties

J.B. Pritzker – Just another corrupt political insider

Today, the Illinois Republican Party released a robocall highlighting potential gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker’s deep ties to Illinois’ most corrupt political insiders, including Rod Blagojevich and his criminal scheme to sell President Obama’s US Senate seat. 

“For years, J.B. Pritzker has worked behind the scenes to screw Illinois taxpayers. Pritzker provided millions to Mike Madigan’s political front group and inserted himself into Rod Blagojevich’s criminal scheme to sell Illinois’ US Senate seat. J.B. Pritzker is just another corrupt political insider.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Steven Yaffe

Listen to the call here

JB Pritzker wants to run for Governor.  But how well do we really know Pritzker?

We know that political boss Mike Madigan likes Prtizker and his billion dollar fortune as much as disgraced and imprisoned Governor Rod Blagojevich did. 

Pritzker told Blagojevich he wanted to be appointed to the U.S. Senate and in exchange Blagojevich wanted JB to personally raise tens of millions of dollars for him.

Here’s Blagojevich on FBI tapes talking about it….

[Audio] I betcha JB can raise me money like that … If I can get JB to do somethin’ like that is it worth, ah, givin’ him the Senate seat? Incidentally, he, he asked me for it. Don’t repeat that. 

JB Pritzker. Just another crooked insider who seeks to screw over Illinois taxpayers.

[Audio] $10 million dollars, $15 million dollars … JB can do it, couldn’t he? … Don’t repeat that. 

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Sauk Valley Media: “Chicagoland 6” Should Do Their Jobs, Not Sue

From the Sauk Valley Media Editorial Board:
It’s hard to have much sympathy for six Chicago-area Democratic state representatives who sued the Illinois comptroller’s office Dec. 2 for back pay that’s been held up since August by Illinois’ protracted budget mess.
After all, those lawmakers are part of the problem.
It’s the Illinois General Assembly’s responsibility to approve a budget that the governor is willing to sign.
If lawmakers approve a budget, the governor vetoes it, and legislators are then unable to override the veto, it seems to us those lawmakers have an obligation to negotiate in good faith with the governor until a budget deal satisfactory to all parties can be reached.
We haven’t heard any of the “Chicagoland 6” – Emanuel “Chris” Welch, Kate Cloonen, Lisa Hernandez, Mary Flowers, Sonya Harper and Silvana Tabares – pushing hard to get fellow legislators moving on the budget.
We haven’t heard them challenging Democratic legislative leaders, House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton, to soften their stances on making a budget deal with Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner – a budget deal that would start payments to the "Chicagoland 6" and thousands of others flowing again.
Apparently it was easier for Welch and company to sue outgoing Republican Comptroller Leslie Munger on her final work day in office, than to do the work they expect to be paid for.
…One of the problems for many lawmakers is that they view their jobs as full time.
They certainly get paid full-time salaries – $67,836. Many receive stipends of $10,327 for extra duties. The total: $78,163.
But the Legislature is in session only from January till May, with a 2-week veto session in November.
Full-time employment? Not hardly.
By stretching their legislative jobs to full time, such lawmakers don’t have any “real” jobs to fall back on. And now, their personal finances are feeling the pinch.
No matter.
Lawmakers who want to get paid should do their jobs. Approving a budget deal is Job 1.