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The legislation passed on a partisan basis; No Republicans supported it

Moments ago, the Illinois House of Representatives voted on a partisan basis to nearly double the state’s minimum wage. No Republicans supported the legislation. The Illinois Republican Party issued the following statement in response:

“Illinois House Democrats had a chance to govern differently and compromise with Republicans and the small business community, but they failed. Like the Senate Democrats, they chose to ram through this costly and short-sighted piece of legislation just so they could make good on a vacuous campaign slogan. In reality, their “Fight for 15” will bust budgets at every level of government, destroy jobs, and make our state an even less desirable place to start and grow a business. Governor Pritzker has one last chance to show he really meant it when he said he wanted to compromise and take bipartisan action on major issues facing the state. We hope he follows through, but we aren’t holding our breath.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot


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