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CHICAGO — In the dead of the night, Illinois Democrats passed their newest tax-and-spend budget that will raise Illinois families taxes. JB Pritzker’s plan, passed along party lines, includes $750 million in tax hikes.

“Illinois Democrats have been clear that they want Illinois taxpayers to pay more taxes so the government can take control of even more of their hard-earned dollars,” said ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy. “The Democratic machine’s newest tax-and-spend bill includes $750 million in tax hikes as skyrocketing prices and crippling inflation are making Illinois families poorer. We need leaders that are good stewards of our money, not spendthrift Democrats who can’t manage a budget without tax hikes. Governor Pritzker’s desire to be Commander-in-Chief and the country’s far-left darling is coming at our expense.”

SB2978 passed the Illinois Senate on May 2, 2024 and is under consideration by the Illinois House. The Illinois Republican Party continues to work to stop this legislation from advancing forward.

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