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In case you missed it this weekend…

The Chicago Tribune slammed Governor JB Pritzker for his refusal to demand House Speaker Michael Madigan step down as speaker and chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois:

But one unarguable time for an official to step down is when prosecutors offer credible evidence of corruption that devastates citizens’ trust in that official.

Yet instead of leveling consequences, the ruling Democrats continue to tolerate, enable and protect Madigan.

That’s peculiar. Rather than demanding that Madigan leave or be dethroned, Pritzker, Lightfoot, Preckwinkle and Democrats in the legislature are waiting for … what, exactly?

If they won’t insist that Madigan go until they know everything about his conduct, then they’re admitting that milking Madigan for campaign money and political muscle means more to them than living by the good-government platitudes they love to mouth.

And the Quad City Times also called on Illinois Democrats to demand Madigan’s resignation:

We think it’s time for Democratic lawmakers to stop dancing around Mike Madigan. They should demand that he resign.

Governor Pritzker will be in the Quad Cities later today.


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