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In days past Illinois towered over the rest. People, millions of them, came here seeking freedom, opportunity, new beginnings and boy did they find it. We had a spark - a spirit. Illinois was where you started things, made things, innovated, exported, moved forward, no challenge was too daunting - not for Illinois. We rebuilt, reinvented, soared to new heights and gave lift to unprecedented growth.

Then we got stuck. One party Democrat rule drove Illinois into the ditch. They mired our state in corruption, crushed us with debt, and higher taxes. They shortchanged our kids, dimming their future. The consequences? Families, businesses, jobs fled the state. Our people lost hope.

Of course not everyone suffered. Springfield was fat and happy. They greased their pockets with the taxpayers’ money. And their special interest backers? Oh, for them it was a golden era. They owned state government.

But 18 months ago, desperate for change, the voters of Illinois sent an unmistakable message to Springfield - we have had enough! Governor Bruce Rauner and Republicans in the Legislature went to work day one. We’re taking on the special interests - political consequences be damned. Fighting to bust up the system and rebuild Illinois. Pushing fundamental reforms long overdue to remake state government from the bottom up.

We didn’t expect it to be easy. Mike Madigan’s Democrats will stop at nothing to preserve the status quo and maintain their grip on power. Frightened by changed, maneuvering at every turn to quash it, they’re using each tool in their toolbox to stand in the way of Republican-led progress. Obstruction, blame, partisan dirty tricks, boatloads of special interest cash, but Mike Madigan is about to find out the hard way – he’s met his match.

Republicans are united like never before and we’re growing stronger. Governor Rauner and Republican legislators are taking on Madigan’s Democrats with courage, integrity, and unwavering determination to rebuild Illinois because losing is not an option. This is just too important. There’s only one thing left to do – win.