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Governor JB Pritzker filed new emergency rules last Friday that would make criminals of small businesses who the governor has determined shouldn’t be open. The emergency rule made it a Class A misdemeanor to have those businesses open. Class A misdemeanors bring fines up to $2,500 and 364 days in jail.

The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) was to meet on Wednesday, May 20th to review the order and Republicans were going to attempt to block the new rule. On Monday morning, the ILGOP and others put out a CALL TO ACTION for citizens like you to contact Democrats on JCAR. After INTENSE public pressure, the Governor’s office rescinded the rule.

BUT, they aren’t going to stop their attempt to criminalize small business owners just trying to survive under Pritzker’s draconian lock down orders.

The new rules are now being DRAFTED INTO LEGISLATION.

We must step up our game even more. Now it’s time to contact every Democrat legislator to make sure the new legislation that criminalizes small business owners will not pass the House or Senate. We have made it easy to contact Democrat legislators via mass email or by phone call. Please utilize our contact info spreadsheet below.


  • Copy and Paste email columns in order to send mass emails.
  • If you choose to make phone calls, please prioritize the target legislators (highlighted in yellow).

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