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Susanna Mendoza has been a bought and paid for corrupt politician since getting her start in Illinois politics. Her close ties to Danny Solis, Ed Burke, and Mike Madigan have haunted her as the truth of their transgressions has come to light. 

Mendoza received the biggest donation Solis’ political organization ever made, totaling more than $100,000 from Solis and his associates for her mayoral race alone. Solis, now indicted in the bribery scandal alongside Ed Burke, hired Mendoza on his first campaign for Alderman and has been a champion of hers ever since. 

Mendoza got married at Ed Burke’s home and has spoken adoringly of him, until he was indicted of course. Mendoza said of Burke “Thank you so very much, Alderman Burke, you are a true champion of mine. He is really primarily the reason why I stand before you today.” Funny how a little thing like a federal indictment can make you change your tune on a long term friend.

And then there’s Mike Madigan. Mendoza nominated Madigan for Speaker during her time in the General Assembly. Madigan helped clear the field for her as her career advanced under his tutelage. She has called him a “brilliant politician, tactician, and public servant and a great man“ and her “political mentor.” We’ll see if she stands by her mentor as his investigation process continues and an indictment looms.
Susanna Mendoza is a product of the corrupt Madigan Machine that has permeated the Democrats in Illinois after decades of cultivation. 

ILGOP Spokesman Joe Hackler:

“Susanna Mendoza has never been qualified to be comptroller, just to be another corrupt insider politician capitalizing on her relationships with the Machine to advance herself at the expense of Illinois families. Mendoza received huge contributions from Danny Solis (indicted), got married at the home of Ed Burke (indicted), and has been repaid her debts to Mike Madigan (resigned in disgrace, indictment looming) for advancing her career by endorsing JB Pritzker. Mendoza is just another part of the corrupt circle of politicians Illinois Democrats have elevated to state office, and exactly why we need a competent, qualified comptroller to take her place”


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