Share the article: Chris Kennedy Boasts Endorsement From Soda Tax Supporter

Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia, staunch Preckwinkle ally and supporter of the Soda Tax, endorses Kennedy, tying him to the Chicago Democrat money-grab

“Garcia and Kennedy are a perfect pairing because they are both clearly out of touch with Illinois voters. Garcia’s support of the Soda Tax despite 87% of Cook County residents’ disapproval just goes to show that Chicago Democrats like Garcia and Kennedy are wrong for Illinois.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot

On Thursday, Chris Kennedy held an event to highlight his endorsement from Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia, Toni Preckwinkle’s loyal floor leader on the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

Kennedy’s willingness to showcase support from someone who voted for the Soda Tax overwhelmingly opposed by his constituents makes it clear that he does not care about Illinois families and taxpayers.

Instead, Kennedy is spending his time courting more members of the Madigan Machine, trying to curry favor with Chicago insiders.

The people of Illinois are watching. Chris Kennedy should be worried if he continues to choose Chicago insiders over Illinois families and taxpayers.


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